Even more Capabilities and Connivance !

First of all thanks for adapting todo.appflop.com so overwhelmingly. Its a great experience to build something people like and appreciate. I am witnessing consistently increasing traffic in just one or two weeks after launch.

so here is the update, A ToDo list should be able to help you manage your time not eat up your time while managing. That is the same reason we put the current day date at your each task automatically, Most of the task added are intended for same day normally and you can always select for later dates for remaining few.

We have added two new shortcuts at your date panel named Today and Tomorrow. you can choose today's and next day dates just by one click. A date selector is available to select other dates if needed.

Apart from that we have also added two different views for your  ToDo list. you can now select and see all current day tasks just by clicking "Today's tasks", that too with some nifty animations. And all of your live tasks are available on  "All Tasks".

We are also planning to lest you see n review all the task you have till date.  The feature is under development and you should see this update soon.

Here are the links :

Chrome users click here.

Do Not use chrome ? Not to worry Just use this link.