Suicide !!

Recently a trial court of delhi announced a historical decision while hearing a suicide case about a man who tries to poison himself and his family"Attempts to commit suicide are made due to extreme poverty and helplessness. There is no justification for imposing severe punishment upon such convicts," said court while sentencing Satish Jain, a resident of northwest Delhi  to "imprisonment till the rising of the court"An admirable decision which shows thought fullness of our judiciary. Satish attempted suicide as he was suffering great dificulty supporting his family. 

Suicide is considered as punishable crime in India. Thousands of people find it easy to die then live every year due to extreme  poverty, hunger and helplessness in several parts of a country where government has so much food available in its warehouses that there is no place to buy and store new crop.  All that never reaches to people who need it most due to poor policies, politics and corruption.

Is it morally correct to even file a court case on  a victim of suicide attempt? In cases like Satish, Government and society is responsible to make the guy so helpless that he wanted to revoke his birthright "RIGHT TO LIVE". How can he be punished for attempting to kill himself when society was not able to provide food, shelter and other necessary things needed to live?

The victim of such inhuman condition needs help, support and love from society so that they can become confident enough to start a new life, Punishing someone  who is already punished enough is not only illogical but inhuman too. 

In a country like India punishment for attempting to suicide is acting as last nail in coffin of someone already unlucky enough to try.  The logic behind punishing people for breaching the law is to make society aware about acts (Read crimes) which are not tolerable for larger good and can lead to severe punishment. This causes fear of getting caught and punished, which subsiquently stop people from committing the unlawful act. 

But in cases like an attempt of suicide, this logic simply doesn't work. How can you make someone fear from punishment, when he is already under so much depression and helpless enough that he is unable to value his own life and tried to kill himself ? And when the fear of a punishment can not stop someone or even make him think twice before attempting the act, why should there be a law to punish? Why there should be a new pointless court case when courts are already horribly overburdened? 

This defies the logic of justice and punishment too. A great thing would be to work hard to stop these unfortunate incidents and providing enough support and help to victims if it occurs, rather then keep torturing the poor soul with a court case and wasting the time of judiciary and police departments while there are hundreds of other important cases pending from years.



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