Fuzzy lines !!

I am not sure it should be called "Fuzzy lines" or "Fuzzy life", as it's all about confusions of life, all unclear things, all silent hours which you spend thinking which way to go? and finally choose something not because it is obviously better then the other but just for the sake of doing it or because you don't have any more time to think. But let us leave the name whatever it is, as content matters the most and again we don't have enough time to clear this fuzziness :).

Most of us wanna take concrete and logical decisions in life, but when you actually jump in the sea all you see is water every where, more or less same at each direction and then the poor soul is asked to choose the right way.

Which job should i choose a musician or the engineer? well i am good in both? Oh jackpot now i knew it!!  i should choose something i really wanna be, Great! But as far as i understand i wanna be a businessman and a scientist, wanna do some social service too, And the politics these days is really pathetic, it also needs me, being an actor can't be discarded though and your mind keeps talking bla bla bla.....

Does she love me? she never said but perhaps she do, or we are just good friends? any way she has a past and she still likes him so let's forget about her, but can i? should i try to stick with her or go away? again can i?

Or a more boyish one ! Which girl should i choose? Oh wait ! is it about choosing? The question is will any of them will choose me? OK decided, Lets propose both of them one by one!! Finally a concrete decision :) but again which one first?

The list is as long as you wanna think. And this fuzziness is not going away till you stop thinking about your life new things and aims, something you should never stop doing! Leaving you with a thought that you really wanna come to this blog once more or not?