Finally.. My Mixer one

I am sure most of you out there have heard endlessly about finding your passion and then follow the same all your life. As passion is ultimate formula of success, Once our poor soul will find it the doors of heaven will open and the life will change. Success of one zuckerberg inspires millions to do the same, And next million will fail before the ultimate success of the next one. So the question arises what about the remaining 999999 who remained unsuccessful or less successful? Real physical 999999 living beings thinking endlessly about new ideas, working hard and thinking about success? And finally regret all there lives for not getting so called great success?

What about people which are not able to recognize there passion? And is it really possible for everyone to  found something they are crazy about and then stick to that all there life? without being distracted by something different ? or without getting bored?

Well there is not just one solution, and I don't know about many. But this blog is an attempt to solve the same. This is about sharing all thoughts that i can't get away with. About technology, politics, life and all unsolved questions that comes to mind. Lets hope that lots of new things will come in future...